2018 is YOUR year!

Are you ready to kick 2018 off with a bang?! Us too! Whether you are looking to earn a little mad money or to replace your full time job….with Gallery On The Go you can truly create a life you love!

  • Gallery Guides earn on average $40/hour
  • Currently we have fewer than 200 Gallery Guides nationwide, so there is lots of real estate up for grabs!
  • You’re not selling a product – you’re just bringing the party!
  • You do NOT need to be an artist (like seriously, the majority of our team are not artists, we’re just here for the fun!)

So what’s holding you back? The start-up cost? Well you’re in luck….because we have a deal for you!


We know, this is too good to be true, right?! But it absolutely is (just don’t tell the GOTG bean counters!)

Launching a new business can be scary. With our BOGO special now you and a friend can experience the crazy, awesome, what-have-I-got-myself-into thrill of Creative Entrepreneurship together! And technically, they don’t have to be your friend. You don’t even have to know them. The only catch is you have to both join the same team and you both must join at the $699 Paintpreneur level. You each get your kit 50% off — you can launch your GOTG business for just $349.50 (plus tax & shipping)! 


Your start-up kit will come with everything you need to paint the perfect party! All supplies feature the Gallery On The Go logo and the paint is our own line of Party Paint!

A “perfect party” is the hostess plus 10 guests, so your kit will come with 11 painter set-ups and your instructor set-up. A painter set-up includes a table-top easel, 5-piece brush set, 10-well paint palette, water cup, and fun colorful apron. As your business grows, you are able to purchase additional supplies and set-ups from our online Supply Store so you can do larger events. PLUS, in addition to all of your supplies, you will have access to our entire library of training and artwork resources and the love and support of the entire GOTG Pack!


In addition to our traditional paint party events, in October we launched our new Art Bar parties! What is an Art Bar? It’s like DIY, but way more fun! Check it out!

Your new kit will come with all of the tools to guide Art Bar parties too – hammer, hot glue gun, measuring tape, and more – so you can party any way you want!


Then we have a deal for you too! Paintpreneurs that join without a buddy to take advantage of the BOGO special will get FREE shipping on their kit PLUS a FREE Project Box! What is a Project Box? Great question! Project Boxes are the crafts that you will purchase for Art Bar events. Each Project Box contains 12 guest projects + 1 free hostess project and includes all of the supplies and instructions needed for each project. We offer a variety of themed Project Boxes each month to choose from so you can always offer something fun and new to your customers!

The Project Box has a retail value of $420 (that is 12 projects at $35 each). So, once you have your first Art Bar party and sell your 12 projects, it’s like getting $420 off the cost of your kit! (If you’re doing the math here, this is really the better deal; but requires more upfront cash out of pocket.)


We know you have questions, it’s a lot to take in. A good place to start is the JOIN THE PACK page on our website. Here you can see a complete list of kit contents, learn more about our compensation plan, and read through the FAQs.

And if you still have questions….then join our Live Opportunity Call Wednesday, January 17th at 6:30 PM MST. You can chat with one of our owners, hear the whole GOTG story straight from the horse’s mouth, and get the answers to every question you have! Here is the call-in info:

(646) 568-7788 | Meeting ID# 724-684-7386

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you create a life you love ❤

(or if you are ready to get the party started….click on the link below to join!)

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