The kids will be on Christmas break soon, and it will take all of about 2 minutes of break before you hear the inevitable “I’m bored!”

Here is a great boredom buster idea – host a Painting & Presents Party! Kids love to paint and be creative, and they will especially love creating a beautiful work of art wrapped with love and ready to put under the tree for someone special!

Here are a couple of tips for pulling it off!


  • The best advice here – kids are not picky, so keep it simple. But everyone loves a good party, so if you must check out our PINTEREST page for some fun holiday party ideas (Go ahead and be “that mom” – no judgement here. We love awesome party throwers!)
  • Have a Hot Cocoa Bar, Cookie Bar, or Popcorn Bar…..just putting the word “bar” after it makes it sound fancy!
  • Scratch that….popcorn makes a huge mess!
  • Whatever you choose, it’s best to keep it to light snacks and finger foods, and keep the food away from the painting.


  • Pick a simpler painting that kids will be able to easily paint and be proud of. Images with large, simple shapes are perfect. But don’t underestimate them. Kids never cease to amaze me with their mad painting skills!
  • The painting will take about 2 hours, depending on the age of the painters. Younger painters have shorter attention spans and tend to paint super fast.
  • 11×14 is a great canvas size for kids. Boards or Wrapped Canvas? It’s really your personal preference. Boards are easier to wrap and are more durable for transporting, but wrapped canvas is more convenient to hang.
  • Remember you are painting with kids – be sure and protect the floor and tables (and chairs if they are upholstered). Remind painters not to wear their Sunday best, but have aprons or old t-shirts on hand just in case.
  • Allow canvas to fully dry before wrapping so the paper does not stick to the paint. Remind kids not to put the paint on too thick (watching paint dry is boring!). Play a fun dry-break game or have snacks while the artwork is drying. HERE are some simple holiday game ideas, and nothing beats a good ‘ole game of Heads Up on your phone!
  • Have a few blow dryers on hand to speed things along if needed (use a cool setting and move the dryer back and forth across the canvas so it doesn’t burn the painting).


  • Pre-cut the paper so that you can give each child a square of paper to wrap their canvas. Depending on how many kids you have this could be the most time consuming part of the party, so go ahead and take care of this before the party. And enlist older siblings and spouses to help!
  • Have several pair of scissors and rolls of tape on hand for the kids to share.
  • If possible, wrap the presents in a separate area AWAY from where the painting took place. Spilled paint water will put a damper on the party in a hurry!
  • Have a basket of gift tags and accessories like ribbon, candy canes, markers and/or stickers for the kids to decorate their gift!


  • Entertaining a lively bunch of kids is no small feat, that’s why teachers make the big bucks (ba-da-bum). Never mind guiding a 2 hour painting. But you’re in luck, because we are pros at it!
  • Let Gallery On The Go bring the party! Our affordable Youth Paint Party is just $170 for up to 11 painters. Do the math on that and it’s less than $16 per painter!
  • All you provide is the space including tables and chairs, we take care of all supplies, set-up and clean-up (and the fun!)
  • You get to pick the painting from our online Gallery of over 100 selections. Pick your painting HERE!
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