One day, aimlessly roaming through Michael’s, I saw these awesome paper packs of Frameable Quotes by DCWV and guess who had a 50% off coupon?! So I bought a few packs of these awesome life-giving quotes. But what in the world was I going to do with them?

There are 60 of quotes in a pack, I wasn’t going to hang them ALL for myself! I had an upcoming social event with my networking group, and I thought this would be the perfect project to share with them. P.S. Networking events with crafts… idea ever.

I called the project Twigs & Twine. Pair the frameable quotes with affordable paint sticks and twine and you can create beautiful, hangable art!



  1. Paint the sticks. At first, I only painted natural wood tones, but my networking group all painted fun colors – they were gorgeous!
  2. Let dry.
  3. Then twist twine around sticks to hang.
  4. Glue your poster art to the back of the sticks.

Check out this quick video tutorial for more info. With 60 sheets in a pack, you can make everyone you love a fantastic gift! Cheers!

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I love to write about fun, creative ways of bringing people together. I believe in supporting creative entrepreneurs in their quest to Create a life they Love! I am the Creative Enforcement Officer at Gallery on the Go, Inc. Where we bring art to the party. Affordable, Creative. Fun.

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  1. Betty Turner November 15, 2017 at 7:19 am - Reply

    YOU are a champion!!!

    My 9-year old nephew recently gave my mother a plaque saying, “Queen of EVERYTHING” …. it fit her to the “T” since she can and does do EVERYTHING…..

    That’s exactly how I feel about YOU ………CEO of EVERYTHING.

    Have a Great day,


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