Hi, I’m Maria – founder and CEO of Gallery on the Go! What an exciting season it is for us here at GOTG! We have so many new creative opportunities for our customers as well as those looking for creative entrepreneurship!

For 6 years we have been Bringing Art To the Party, we were the first to pioneer the mobile paint party industry and now we are so excited to launch our new Art Bar service.

It’s the #antiDIY movement, we don’t want friends to art alone! We believe crafting and creating art is better done together. I bet you agree with that!

We just celebrated our 6th birthday, so here are 6 Amazing reasons that now is the time to become a Creative Entrepreneur!

1. Our Art Tender Kit is only $199, it comes with all the supplies you need to start hosting Art Bars!

2. It’s time for us to break out of the canvas only parties! Customers want more – painting on wood and other surfaces is on the rise. PLUS we have the most amazing creative team – you’ll want to look at our awesome projects!

3. We are perfectly positioned to be the FIRST mobile DIY Project service! No one can beat our custom party planning services!

4. You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. We have an outstanding online training program for you to learn all about owning your own business with Gallery on the Go. We have over 160 team members across the US to help you grow and learn!

5. Fear of speaking or painting in front of others? Not to worry, our new Art Bar service offers video tutorials and step by step instructions for ALL your guests. So say goodbye to that fear of painting in front of others!

6. Branding & Tech! We have our own branded paint, supplies and replicated websites for our entire sales force! I bet you’ve already checked out our website!

BONUS!  for the month of November all of our Project Boxes are 50% off, and when you purchase the $699 Paintpreneur kit you get a FREE Project Box – a $420 value! Think about it – you can have 2 businesses for less than $300 and start earning $$$ for the holidays!

Want to know even more? Here’s a quick overview of how it works!

• We have created Project Boxes that include all of the supplies for a variety of crafts to serve between 12-15 guests.
• These crafts are packaged and portioned for each guest!
• Each box has a theme, and each box comes with 3 different crafts – so your guests have a variety to choose from –that’s why it’s called a bar!
• The customer price to attend an Art Bar is $35 – your hostess is FREE!
• As an authorized Art Tender, you order your box at an automatic 35% discount which means you make instant income at the party! Don’t forget in NOVEMBER all Project Boxes are 50% off!
• Art Tenders who purchase more than 5 boxes in one month are eligible for Volume Bonuses and quarterly prizes!

Still wondering if it’s for you?

  • This is a unique business that offers you flexibility, you designate your schedule. While we are busy on evenings and weekends, we have many customers who party during the day too.
  • Do you want to have fun and help people relax, have fun and hang out with their friends? This world needs more of that which is why this work is important.
  • Our work is very rewarding and on average we make $25-$45 per hour!
  • It’s just so scary! Believe me, I know that taking the leap to start your own business is scary. We all have a fear of failure. But what I love about GOTG is that we’re all in this together. That’s my favorite part of our business.
  • I also want to do painting parties! Great, for $699 you can purchase a full kit and have TWO businesses in ONE! Doing both Art Bars and Paint Party events!

I hope you join us or at least take the time to explore your options in the creative world. Now is the time to Create a life you LOVE! Raise your glass ~ Maria


Have more questions?
• Visit our Website www.Galleryonthego.com

• Join us on our monthly live call where you can speak to one of the company owners.

Live Call Info:

3rd Wednesday of every month.

Call in to (646) 568-7788

Meeting ID# 724-684-7386


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About the Author:

I love to write about fun, creative ways of bringing people together. I believe in supporting creative entrepreneurs in their quest to Create a life they Love! I am the Creative Enforcement Officer at Gallery on the Go, Inc. Where we bring art to the party. Affordable, Creative. Fun.


  1. Alexis Chenkus October 20, 2017 at 10:56 am - Reply

    What comes in the art bar kit? How much are the art boxes? What else comes in the full paintapreneur kit? Can you give an example of what’s in an art box? I missed the call on October 18th. Is there a recording of that call?

    • Maria Borrego October 20, 2017 at 11:20 am - Reply

      Hi Alexis! I am going to email you some information as well.
      A $199 kit comes with paint, art bar tools, palettes, brushes, aprons – everything to host a 12 person art bar. Then you would order any of our project collections that are a matching theme and comes with 12 projects – all 12 projects are three different designs. You also get a bonus free project to gift your hostess and you have the opportunity to add on projects for your own personal demo purposes. The project boxes come with all the supplies needed to make the projects. To upgrade to a full paintpreneur kit that allows you to do full paint party services. So that kit comes with easels, bigger bags, drop cloths, full paint palettes, more brushes, your canvas etc.

      Check your email, I’ll send you a sneak peak of our November project box contents!

  2. Brandi November 13, 2017 at 11:59 am - Reply

    I have questions, please email me

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