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Advent means “coming” in Latin, it is a season of preparing for the birth of  Jesus. You may not realize it but you likely already prepare a ton for the big day like adorning that Pine Tree, shopping for gifts and baking cookies.

Our most recent Art Bar collection featured a burlap advent project that was designed by our Creative Director Heidi. She is beyond talented and she shared her story of Advents past to encourage you to start the tradition for your littles or give you some new ideas if you’ve already started. 

Read Heidi’s story and print her Advent Printable of ideas to slip into your own advent calendar.


When my oldest daughter was a toddler I remember being so excited about Christmas. I planned and plotted her presents, the decorations, guests, and meals, but by the time Christmas arrived I realized there were several things that I had missed, forgotten or not been aware of.

I sought to do better next the next year, so I wrote down a bunch of Christmasy activities and ideas and put them in a little box so that we could draw one out each day. That was a step in the right direction but the problem was the activities and ideas didn’t always mesh well with the day.

The next year I got it right. I found a wooden advent cabinet with 24 drawers. Over Thanksgiving, I sat down and looked at my calendar, noted the things that were already scheduled with school and piano lessons and sports and all the other parts of life.

Then I looked up the Christmas pageant at church and the live nativity in town, etc. I knew that on busy days we could celebrate the season by singing carols in the car or having hot cocoa while doing homework. I knew that we would have time to make cookies on the weekend and that December 23rd is actually the perfect night to sleep under the Christmas tree.

One year the advent activity was actually “go to Disney World”! Yes, that day, what a sweet memory! Every morning the girls were excited to open the drawer and find out what the special activity of the day would be. And the drawers were just big enough to put special chocolates in there too!

My children are now 21 and 23. My older daughter has her own family and is carrying on this tradition with them. My younger daughter has a life of her own, but still asks when we can drive around looking at the lights, wearing pajamas and drinking hot chocolate.

I look back now and I’m so grateful for every year that I was deliberate and purposeful in planning meaningful activities that have become some of the dearest treasures of my heart’s memories.

I enjoyed creating this Burlap Advent Calendar, a treasure you can make with your own hands to share with your family. Even if you didn’t get a chance to make one this season, you can purchase or craft your own version. Make it easy, print this Advent Printable list of ideas, make them your own, or invent some new ones special for your family.

Just a reminder to love your families to pieces during the hustle and bustle of the season.


Heidi Pulcipher | Creative Director @

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