How to stencil using graphite paper!

Graphite Paper is my new fave crafting hack! I love the look of handpainted text, but painting letters, like with a paintbrush, no way! And stencils can be messy and expensive, not to mention the paint tends to run under the stencil so you don’t get the nice clean lines. But have no fear, because Graphite Paper is your new best friend!

Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to use Graphite Paper to transfer your fave images and sayings to your project. It’s easy, fun and at less than a buck or so a sheet it’s super affordable!

A couple of tips for ya:

  • You can download super cute fonts from online sites like
  • If you are using a thicker font, it helps to trace both sides of the letter.
  • Paint letters from the top down to prevent smearing the paint with your arm.
  • Try using the knife end of your brush (as opposed to painting with your brush flat) to paint the edges to get nice clean lines.

So go ahead an give it a try! And be sure and share pics with us! Good luck, you got this!

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  1. Maria March 27, 2019 at 5:38 pm - Reply

    Do you purchase a license to use the fonts on dafont? How much does it cost? It says free for personal use only.

    • Mandy April 1, 2019 at 10:24 am - Reply

      Hi Maria! Yes some of the fonts do include a Read Me file where the author will list specific uses of the font so you need to double check those if you plan to use the font commercially. And if you want to show them some love and donate to the author I’m sure they would appreciate that 🙂

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